Andy Johnson’s employment info

After an education that leaned towards the arts and design, Andy Johnson quickly took up a fantastic opportunity to join Bromford.

Andy’s journey started here in 2003 working on the front-line of customer services in Bromford’s Contact Team which then saw him move to the position of Team Leader; taking lead of a small team delivering repairs and maintenance and housing management queries.

From here Andy joined Bromford’s Asset Management Team working closely with their partners; Connaught/Lovell, ensuring delivery of the maintenance contracts.

Andy then took on role of Project Manager for Bromford’s Tenant Cashback scheme; the Home Rewards Club, an opportunity to engage with customers and reward positive behaviour for taking ownership of their own repairs and housing management.

Right now Andy is working with Bromford’s People Team as an Engagement Specialist, helping to recruit and on-board talented colleagues.

That's me; Andy Johnson!

That’s me; Andy Johnson!

You can read Andy’s full work and education profile on his LinkedIn profile.


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