Your presence is out there!


Just the other day I took a call on my mobile from an Architectural Technologist who explained to me he was preparing for a job interview. At first slightly puzzled it became apparent that the gentleman in question was asked by his prospective employers to research Tenant Cashback!

Whether this was a test of one’s research abilities or a very clever ploy by this organisation to find a little more about the scheme, it did make me think a little more about the presence we have within this virtual society we know as social media.

On this occasion LinkedIn was the reference point. Primarily seen as a professional social networking site where users can engage with their ‘connections’, on this occasion it was quite the opposite. I have never met this person before, we’ve never done business together or spoken with one another, but my details became apparent after the said person used ‘buzz words’ such as: ‘Tenant Cashback’, ‘Project Manager’ and ‘Home Rewards Club’ and placed them into the sites search engine. This method un-reeled a whole host of reports and articles and my name was nestled amongst the results.

I’m pleased to say I was able to help my newly found connection with his enquiries, should this lead to a successful appointment for him is yet to be decided but it made me realise the opportunities we can present to one another through our networking channels.

It is amazing how one venture can lead to another, how your journey could cross paths with other people’s with whom you had no intention of crossing but yet we see something within their profile that we find of interest. So whether you read this post as ‘your presence’ or ‘your presents’, either way you have something that you could offer and no doubt somebody wants – be prepared to lend a hand, your presence is out there!


7 thoughts on “Your presence is out there!

  1. So true! Had one of these sort of conversations last week , a conversation that turned into an idea and quite possibly a new venture. You have a presence if you contribute online , and a shadow if you are not.


  2. Thanks Paul. I don’t think i’ve ever engaged so much on social media as I do now – happy to contribute, pleased to help others.


  3. I too had had a couple of ‘encounters’ thanks to my online presence – it’s quite strange having people come up to you at conferences and say that they recognise me from twitter!
    A great blog,I’ll be following it from now on to hopefully read more about your TC scheme!


  4. Many thanks for your comments Phil, and thanks for sharing your experience too.

    As a colleague recently said to me: “Thanks to social media the world has never felt so small”


  5. My husband and I got treated to a free drifting day through Buyagift as long as we blogged about it. Neither of us have blogs about car racing, mine is about dog agility and his is caravan sales so it was most bizarre – but very enjoyable!! So we’ve set up a review blog now as it seems to be the way companies are going to market their products – free advertising.


    • Thanks for sharing Gina, it’s an interesting approach from various companies out there – one which could genrate countless followers, retweets and comments all pushing brand awareness and raising the profile of the said company and their product/s. As you say, it’s free advertising – the general public are doing all the hardwork for them!


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