The Masterplan

I’ve been blogging for a couple of months now and felt the timing was right to give you a whirlwind tour into my life and how I’ve ended up doing what I do today.

From an early age I loved to draw, I’d always be picking up pad and pen to scribble and copy pictures of my favourite football player or character from Transformers. So I applied this enthusiasm into my education and pursued a career in Art & Design. I studied through my GCSE’s, took A-Levels, plodded through a year at Art College and then came away from University with a degree – all of which led me to a career in social housing, eventually!

When I was 21 I had to seek my own housing options and was made up to be offered my first Housing Association property. It was a comfortable 2 bedroom flat which I shared with my girlfriend and we furnished it with hand-me-downs from family. Over time we started to replace a few bits and pieces with things we were able to buy for ourselves and with help from our friends and parents we decorated throughout, adding new fixtures and fittings along the way. I wasn’t brilliant with DIY (my wife will tell you I’m still not) but we had help from others where and when they could spare us the time. I was happy, I had a girlfriend (who is now the very same wife who criticises my DIY attempts), a flat I could call my home and a university degree – although sadly I’d been unable to secure a job, hearing the constant sound of; “we love your work but we’re looking for somebody with a little more experience”.

Throughout school and university I worked in a hotel kitchen washing dishes and mopping floors. I worked in a warehouse order-picking for a major high-street supermarket and tried my hand working in a call centre for a high-street bank. I then came to learn about Bromford back in 2003 when I took up the opportunity to work in the Customer Service Centre. I’d hoped that this would give me the vital office experience that I craved to help me with those set-backs I’d had pursuing my career in Graphic Design. In honesty I saw a job with Bromford as more of a stepping stone for me, a chance to earn some valuable office experience that I could use in future job interviews – little did I know that Bromford would actually shape my career path!

As I’m about to turn into my 33rd year of youth I look back over these experiences and wonder whether all of these were in fact all part of the master plan for me. In my spare time I love listening to music and followed Oasis over the years, I share with you below some lyrics from their track ‘The Masterplan’:

“I’m not saying right is wrong

It’s up to us to make

The best of all things that come our way

And all the things that came have past

The answer’s in the looking glass

There’s four and twenty million doors

Down life’s endless corridor”

I’m not asking you to go reciting the words of Noel Gallagher but I do wonder whether my future was already mapped out for me and if in fact my longing for a career in Art & Design was just my creative bloods getting flowing for something beyond graphics and drawing. Those job application refusals; were they because I was never destined to follow that path and instead my longing for ‘office experience’ was me bedding myself into an organisation I’d grow to love? Me opening the door to my very own Social Housing home for 5 years; was this to give me a taste of what it’s about, to learn from those experiences that I would then take with me to use in my job today?

I look at my past not pondering over the things that could have been but instead to learn from the experiences. It was unbeknown to me at the time but I do now firmly believe that these were in fact my windows of opportunity, corridors of choices and doorways to success. If then my future has already been mapped out for me perhaps I’m just making decisions that are leading me to an inevitable outcome – if we are all part of a master plan, I’m making the most out of mine.


2 thoughts on “The Masterplan

  1. Hi Andy! I really enjoyed this blog! A lot of people at Bromford seem to have an abundance of creativity but it’s so great that we can apply it to what we do here, unlike many other office jobs. I believe that everything happens for a reason, it must have just been your destiny! 🙂


    • Thanks for your kind words Amy.

      I agree, and it goes to show that there is a much wider skill base behind these walls that colleagues can offer to social housing.


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