Greenhousing a Top Dog

This week I had the pleasure of attending a fantastic session run by Kirk Vallis and Lil Pawson from ?WhatIf! who, as their strapline tell us, help to unlock the promise of innovation.

One of the quotes I took away from the day was;

“A bad idea never hurt anybody, but the execution of one could”

This really struck a chord with me. It made me think about Tenant Cashback. Is it really such a good idea or is it in fact a bad one? Could it be that it’s actually not so great after all. Was I beginning to doubt our Home Rewards Club project…not at all! The key thing here is that about the execution of an idea. Tenant Cashback is just an idea. How Landlords choose to adopt it and deliver is entirely up to them, just so long as they hold on to some of its key values.

Bromford are doing exactly that with our scheme. We have taken Tenant Cashback and are striving to make it work for us by incorporating it with some of our other projects; ‘Something for Something’ through the Bromford Deal, employment & learning support through Connect – all with an underlying aim to engage more with our customers, strengthen their confidence, skills and career prospects.

Home Rewards Club continues to evolve and we’re learning from the process, our colleagues and our customers all the time. Tenant Cashback wasn’t something that came from our creative minds but it’s something we have picked up, adapted and rolled out in a way we feel can work for us.

I had many ‘takeaways’ from the day; Incremental or Disruptive Innovation; Expansive or Reductive; Greenhousing; The 4 I’s; but one of the most striking was how Kirk closed the session. Kirk told the group how he sees Bromford as one of the Top Dog organisations. So much so, that he shares our story and innovation with many of the companies and partners that he works with.

Bromford didn’t set out to tag ourselves with this, but it’s a great endorsement for us and what we do. It shows that we are forward-thinking, creative and open-minded and I guess that’s why we have taken to Tenant Cashback the way we have, and made it our own.


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