Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

Just recently we welcomed back to the Bromford family a dear colleague who has unfortunately been absent due to illness, but I’m pleased to say she’s looking well and on the positive journey of recovery. Already she is looking at giving something back to those that have looked after her by taking part in a charity run – wanting to raise money to help others – amazing! It’s from speaking to this colleague that I write this blog, the inspiration for my words.

Many of us take our world for granted, whether it be our health; the clothes on our back or roof over our head; and I think it’s fair to say this is the same for any of us lucky enough to be in employment right now. We’re hit with the ‘Monday morning blues’ and already wishing it was the weekend! I’m no different in that I love my weekends too, I can’t wait for them to arrive – although having said that I can wait…

My current working activities give me a wanting and a desire to accomplish goals and make a difference. I share the same enthusiasm as my fellow colleague Lisa who writes in her blog about the connection and engagement she has with her customers. Tenant Cashback is giving me this opportunity right now and I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoy what I do. Our customers seemingly feel the same as we’re already receiving some great feedback;

“I have learnt how to tile and have retiled my bathroom and kitchen. When I get the money together I am also going to be retiling the hall floor. I can now also hang doors and I have fixed cupboards and sinks.”

This customer clearly shows that they don’t take their home for granted. They are grateful for what we have given them and in return want to put something back into it. My message echoes this. I am grateful for my health; I’m thankful for my job and what my employer does for me and my family around me. Bromford is like one big family and our customers are an extension of that. We care for one another and we care for what we do. We all can, and do, make a difference every day. My approach to Tenant Cashback is with a fresh and open mind as each day comes. I’m constantly reviewing and learning at every turn.

Tenant Cashback may not be for everyone, I respect that, but if you’re just slightly inquisitive and wanting to ‘dip your toe in the water’ then why not? Don’t take your current situation for granted and expect it to always work because that’s how it’s always been done. Look at what others are doing and be inspired – it’s an opportunity to try something new.


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